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Geocaching - Groundspeak Weekly Newsletter


Hello from Groundspeak!

This is your weekly update from Groundspeak for 26 October 2011 to 02 November 2011.

Turn Every Location into an Adventure!

Groundspeak’s mission is to inspire outdoor play using location-based technology. We want everyone to be able to walk out their door and find an adventure – or 100 adventures – nearby. An adventure might take the form of a geocache hidden at your local park, a Challenge to take a photo of yourself performing a task at a specific location, a “Ginormous Everyday Object” that you discover through Waymarking or an interactive Wherigo experience.

You’re probably already familiar with geocaching, but how many other Groundspeak adventures have you tried? Challenges, Waymarking and Wherigo provide hundreds of thousands of additional location-based adventures, all accessible for free via your Groundspeak membership.

So, the next time you go find a geocache, search for one of these other adventures nearby. Can’t find enough of them? Create your own! Premium Members can create Challenges on and anyone can submit a Waymark or create a Wherigo cartridge.

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